LaseMD® Ultra

An optimization
within fractional

The world's most advanced Thulium laser and the next generation of the laseMD series from Lutronic. With the highest available power, laseMD Ultra delivers fast treatments with multiple treatment options.


LaseMD® Ultra


The treatments are of a gentle and effective nature, with improved functionality for all skin types that can be used all year round. The treatment is pleasant with a very short recovery time and fast results. LaseMD Ultra -the system is built to be easily used for all possible areas and without pulse consumption.

An optimization in fractional laser

LaseMD Ultra enables non-ablative fractional treatments that are markedly different from traditional skin enhancement treatments, rebuilding and glowing healthy skin. LaseMD Ultra can be adjusted from mild to more intensive treatment with tailored results for each patient while providing exceptional profitability for the clinic.

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Why should you choose laseMD Ultra ?

LaseMD Ultra offers the latest technology

The magnetic tracking system enables fast treatments by measuring the rolling distance to deliver precise pulses. One pass over an entire area provides approximately 12,000 micro-pulses. The 200 μm beam diameter of the magnetic roller system allows treatment of the entire face in about 6-8 minutes, quickly and effectively.

The exclusive laseMD ampoule series fits perfectly into the microscopic channels and the unique ingredients from the dual chamber of the product, ensuring a blend of the natural serum. Short and rather painless treatment without long recovery. The high-quality ingredients are led directly into the skin through the resulting microchannels from lasemd Ultra .

Maximum power available

LaseMD is the only device on the market that can deliver a maximum power of 20 W with a Top-Hat laser profile for the fastest and most effective treatments possible. LaseMD increases penetration ability with minimal thermal disruption of the stratum corneum.

Intuitive graphics

Easy to navigate, laseMD Ultra new version of display provides users with valuable feedback so that practitioners can easily and consistently achieve excellent results.

Cosmetic minimalism

Best choice for the cosmetic result. A Cosmeceutical Delivery System (CDS) is the method and process of delivering a cosmetic product into the skin to achieve an optimal aesthetic effect. Standard cosmetic treatments have great difficulty in rebuilding the skin due to its low absorption rate. The CDS concept delivers using assisted systems to increase the rate of penetration deep into the skin.



Vc ampoule (Ascorbic acid)

Quick treatment that can be performed on the entire face and neck, easy to perform and the patient loves the fact that there is no recovery time. This treatment fits into an active lifestyle at any time of the day and all year round.

Rs ampoule (resveratrol)

The RS ampoule contains the highest quality resveratrol (95% purity), a naturally occurring polyphenol, in nanoparticles combined with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. The amount of resveratrol in 1 RS ampoule is similar to the resveratrol content in 500 bottles of wine and helps prevent UV-related skin cancer and photo-aging.

Ta-ampoule (Tranexamic acid)

Tranexamic acid (TA) has been used systemically for decades to help the wound recover after plastic surgery. An unexpected side effect that doctors and scientists discovered was that it brightened the skin, resulting in the use of compounds to treat melasma.

Va-ampoule (Retionol)

Vitamin A (VA), more specifically retinoic acid, is a natural way to reduce the aging process of the skin. Retinoic acid improves (renews) aging skin by activating and encouraging genes to help the epidermal basal layer caratinocytes differentiate into mature and healthy epidermal cells.


LaseMD treatment areas

  • Prevention of wrinkles

  • Anti-aging

  • Bleaching

  • Epidermal melasma

  • Pigmentation

  • Loss of elasticity

  • Scar reduction

  • Springs

  • Hair loss

  • Cleavage

  • Actinic keratosis*

  • Soft tissue coagulation*

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