Clarity II Lutronic laser


The Clarity II from Lutronic is the most effective laser for hair removal on the market with a 2 in 1 technology (Alexandrite + Nd:YAG laser) safe for all skin types, all year round which allows a wide range of treatments, increasing the profitability of your clinic.

Clarity II Lutronic laser

What is Clarity II?

  • 30 min full body treatment with Intellitrak® technology with 3 Hz frequency, the fastest on the market.

  • Ideal for thin and thick hair with its 1ms pulse duration technology that delivers incredible results.

  • Safe and painless treatment with patented ICD technology™ (Intelligent Cooling Device)

  • Optimal safety for pigmentation and vascular treatments with a real-time skin temperature sensing function


Why should you choose Clarity II?

Only 30 minutes needed for a full body treatment

With Intellitrack technology, it allows the handpiece to glide over the skin quickly and smoothly without missing any area, with precise overlap. Clarity II features a unique technology that enables the handset to roll over the skin while the laser pulses are automatically fired on the treatment area, adjusting to the treatment speed and providing real-time feedback to the practitioner throughout the treatment.

45% faster laser

Due to Intellitrack technology, Clarity II is the first laser that can treat up to 3.0 Hz with repetitive pulses without over-treating the area, making it impossible to double-pulse in the same area or for the practitioner to miss a spot.

Clarity II also treats fluffy/thin hairs

Clarity II makes it possible to treat facial hair with the lowest possible pulse length which is the only one in the world in laser technology for hair reduction down to 1 millisecond. This minimizes the number of treatment sessions on both thin and thick hairs.

No touch-up treatments

Clarity II is the first technology that allows the practitioner to deliver with precision, the combination of the Intellitrack function, which ensures a 100% coverage of the entire treatment area from the first treatment. And with 1 ms in pulse length, for a hair-free result.

Clarity II has high profitability

Clarity II is equipped with 12 spot sizes from 2 to 25 mm which increases profitability by treating quickly and with smaller pulses for hair reduction. Expands treatment areas with multiple indications such as full body vessels, pigmentation and much more.

Clarity II is a safe laser

Clarity II makes it possible to treat safely without any risks. Thanks to the unique real-time temperature sensing, it ensures effectiveness and gives the practitioner feedback once endpoint is reached for maximum results, in the different treatments such as skin tightening, vascular and pigment.

How does Clarity II work for hair reduction?

  • The laser energy is absorbed by the hair's melanin and goes down through the hair to the follicle.

  • Thermal destruction of the hair follicle. Regrowth is inhibited and the quality of the hair changes and disappears.

  • Effective against thin hair with its 1 ms pulse duration and through a designed peak power function it generates faster results.

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Clarity II treatment areas

  • Hair removal

  • Pigmentations

  • Wrinkle reduction

  • Rosacea

  • Hemangioma

  • Telangiectasia

  • Café au Lait


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