LifeViz® Mini Pro


LifeViz® Mini Pro is a 3D aesthetic photography system designed to streamline the consultation process by using the award-winning LifeViz® technology with even more options.

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What is LifeViz® Mini Pro?

LifeViz® Mini Pro

Awarded as the best aesthetic device, LifeViz® Mini is designed to illustrate the face in 3D. Known for its image quality and precision, this 3D photographic system is a portable, compact and user-friendly solution for aesthetic practitioners, dermatologists, cosmetic and plastic surgeons.

3D in preoperative consultation

Our researchers have worked tirelessly to achieve a 3D reconstruction with precise geometry and outstanding image quality. 3D enables a relevant visualization of the morphology of the face from all angles.

Measurements: Get an accurate measurement of height and width and evaluate the patient's facial harmony, thanks to the assessment of facial angles and proportions.
Simulation: Reassure your patients by performing simulations via a realistic 3D image.
Skin analysis: Give patients a personalized evaluation of their skin quality in 3D and insights of: wrinkles - pores - oiliness - texture - vascularization - pigmentation.

3D in post-operative consultation

Measurements: Build trust and transparency with patients by providing comparisons of before and after measurements for angles, length, width and proportions.
Volume assessment: Visualize and quantifyvolume changes and validate treatment results.
Silhouette: Quickly assess shape evolution with the silhouette feature. Before and after images are overlapped to confirm treatment results and effectively result in greater patient understanding and satisfaction.
Slider: View results by sliding from side to side between before and after images to better illustrate the differences.
Lift: Evaluate and quantify skin tightening/lifting in 3D.

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