Microwave therapy
for the general treatment
of skin lesions in Podiatry
and Dermatology

Swift is the groundbreaking new microwave therapy for skin. With treatment times in seconds, Swift gives podiatrists and dermatologists a new, accurate and easy way to treat soft tissue injuries.

Swift logo

The four main differences that Swift offers to clinics are

  • Consistency

    - a repeatable treatment with predictable results

  • Cleanliness

    - no smoke, no anesthesia, no dressing after the procedure

  • Convenience

    - the potential for much shorter treatment times

  • Confidence

    - visit our clinical research page to find out more about independent research with the Swift

Treat with confidence

Our goal is to give clinicians more confidence in the tools they use to improve patient satisfaction. We understand that clinicians spend years training, improving their skills and building trust with their customers - and we have developed a product that helps fulfill this commitment.

A treatment for professional clinicians

Swift is a treatment for forward-thinking, professional clinicians. Emblation has invested time and money in developing the Swift platform to innovate where others could not - to create a treatment with the goals of improved efficacy, patient satisfaction and value for money.

Swift is the combination of

  • Significant private investment and support from the Scottish Government

  • Thousands of hours of listening, watching and learning from College of Podiatry registered podiatrists and a number of the UK's leading dermatologists.

  • Long independent clinical tests in the field

  • More than 6 years of continuous research and development

  • More than 60 years of combined experience in medical device development at management level only.

* compared with dry needling, electrocautery and laser

Swift-system ®

Swift is one of the first energy-based systems to be truly portable, weighing just 4kg (~9kg) and giving practitioners more flexibility than ever before.


Fast® Microwave Generator

To deliver energy into the body, microwaves are produced in a unique, compact generator. The Swift generator has been designed with a simple user interface to enable quick treatment setup.


Fast® Microwave Applicator

To ensure that there is no risk of cross-contamination, the generator has a built-in sensor that only allows operation when a new, unused tip is attached to the applicator.

Faster treatments

Speed. This is one thing that can improve patient satisfaction and increase clinic efficiency. After reading this short paragraph, a typical Swift treatment would be complete. It's all in the name.

Why is Swift® so much faster than other treatments?

The use of microwave energy is what makes a Swift treatment so fast. Swift delivers a precise, highly controlled dose of energy to a predetermined depth in the skin. The latter part is crucial and is what sets Swift apart from traditional treatments. When microwaves travel to the predetermined depth, the skin surface is left completely intact and does not destroy tissue from the point of application - unlike cryotherapy, salicylic acid or laser ablation. As soon as the treatment starts, microwaves work within the defined field - and not deeper. Water molecules in the tissue begin to collide and create localized heat energy - quickly treating all infected tissue within that area. The image below highlights the targeted zone within which a treatment takes place.

This process takes only a few seconds for a typical treatment.


Shorter processing times

A 5-second treatment alone does not allow clinicians to shorten treatment times - but there are a number of additional procedural benefits that do, as reported by Swift users*:

  • No anesthesia required

    Clinicians can reduce procedure time through minimal patient preparation. Patients experience a discomfort caused by the treatment that lasts only 2-3 seconds and disappears immediately when the treatment is over - leaving only low levels of pain after the procedure*. Patients can return to normal daily activity as soon as they walk out the door

  • No dressings are usually required

    Since microwaves do not break the surface of the skin, the need for padding or dressings after the procedure is greatly reduced.

The ability to shorten treatment times to just 10-15 minutes means clinicians can manage clinic time more efficiently, fit more treatments into a day and reduce time between appointments. For clinicians performing 1 hour of needle injection, the benefits of Swift to a clinic are clear.

Cleaner treatments

More hygienic. Simpler. More repeatable and more reliable than traditional treatments. A revolutionary product that will change your practice.

Cleaner air: no smoke or plume

Both laser and electrocautery devices produce a plume that can be dangerous to the practitioner and patient, and regulations require extraction equipment or other precautions to be taken. There is no smoke, plume or odor produced by microwave therapy at all, resulting in a cleaner and safer option.

A cleaner process: precision treatments

As well as being an exceptionally fast method of treatment, the main reason microwaves have been so widely used in a number of medical fields is due to precision. The Swift device has been designed to ensure that microwaves travel in straight lines with no side scatter, commonly seen in cryotherapy. This results in a treatment that can be used to precisely target tissue, leaving healthy tissue undamaged.

Research with the Swift device has shown no signs of scarring, with patients reporting low post-procedure pain*. The Swift system also features a disposable tip - removing the need for sterilization between patients and eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.

Simple and repeatable: treat with confidence

Microwaves travel to a predetermined depth and the Swift treatment system has been designed to ensure that thermal energy does not travel deeper than 6.5mm into the skin. During a typical foot care or dermatology treatment, thermal energy would travel to a depth of between 3.5 - 4 mm in the skin - and by setting the same treatment parameters on the generator, you can be sure of exactly the same effect every time. Thorough research and a reliable technology take the guesswork out of treatment - so you can treat with confidence, every time.

A cleaner, simpler option: "Everything is physical"