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vascular laser
with pulse train

DermaV from Lutronic provides the ability to address several difficult skin problems using several different pulse modalities that are unique and it offers the strongest 532 nm KTP on the market at 13.4 Joules. The system's technology achieves optimal results where other systems cannot deliver.


What is DermaV?

DermaV is a long-pulsed 532 nm KTP and 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser with the latest technology of Cryogen Cooling, Variable Sequential Pulsing Technology and Real Time Temperature Sensor, which has over 25 years of R&D from Lutronic.


DermaV was approved by the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service as an "existing technology" covered by medical care and for "treatment of hematomas and port wine stains with Nd:Yag laser" where the results were unique and very beneficial. DermaV is one of the best options for treating patients suffering from hard-to-treat skin diseases of such kind.

Why should you choose DermaV?

Proprietary IntelliTrak technology ensures consistent, fast energy delivery at the selected overlap function. Temperature sensor provides real-time feedback to monitor efficiency and safe treatment endpoints. Intelligent and user-friendly memory function that allows saving 115 treatment parameters.

Intelligent handpiece

  • Autocalibration in a few seconds which helps to shorten the overall processing time

  • IntelliTrak and real-time temperature sensor for faster, safer, more efficient and high quality treatments.

  • Practical and useful storage box for all cartridges, tips and spot sizes from 2 mm up to 16 mm.

  • Intelligent handpiece with roller tip for faster and more effective treatments


IntelliTrak is designed to precisely deliver energy pulses at the selected overlap density with repetition rates from 2.4 Hz to over 3 Hz depending on the selected energy and spot sizes ≥ 16 mm. Lutronic's IntelliTrak technology, the rangefinder tip provides system feedback based on the user's rolling speed to ensure complete and consistent coverage of the treatment area. LED lighting on the handpiece helps to inform the user of optimal roll speed for fast treatments.

DermaV with IntelliTrak technology allows users to take full advantage of the powerful platform to achieve faster treatment speeds without losing results or energy delivered during treatment. IntelliTrak enables fast and consistent coverage that takes less time with each treatment.

Real-time temperature sensing

DermaV-s real-time temperature sensor helps make treatment easy and intuitive. The LED on the handset reflects corresponding to the colors on the screen to easily guide the practitioner during treatment. Practitioners receive endpoint information from the system and can treat an area with multipasses until they reach the first or second yellow bar on the display, 42 degrees Celsius, for the optimal temperature of the skin. This additional real-time information is a valuable tool for indicating safe endpoints.


DermaV treatment areas

  • Port wine stains

  • Hemangioma

  • Skin tightening

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Vascular lesions

  • Epidermal pigment

  • Pigmented lesions

  • Reduction of wrinkles and lines

  • Rosacea

Lutronic DermaV

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