PicoPlus - Medlase Nordics

the next generation
laser in
tattoos and pigmentation

PicoPlus from Lutronic is the next generation laser in tattoo reduction. Q-Series Nd:YAG laser devices have dominated the Lutronic tattoo removal market for the past 15 years with a pulse length from nanoseconds and now to picoseconds (faster and more comfortable treatments).


What is PicoPlus?

PicoPlus is equipped with four wavelengths: 532 nm, 595 nm, 660 nm and 1064 nm. These four wavelengths facilitate even the most difficult treatment cases. PicoPlus treats stably and powerfully with the unique technology of picosecond lasers.

A specially designed set of handpieces with four different wavelengths, combined with a picosecond pulse duration, makes the removal of both multicolored and black tattoos even more effective. In addition, PicoPlus can treat a variety of epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions and can also treat non-pigmented skin conditions and lesions such as wrinkles, acne scars and enlarged pores.

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Why should you choose PicoPlus?

The power is in the pulse. The longer the laser pulse, the higher the temperature and the risk of burning the surrounding tissue. With the fastest and shorter pulse duration (450picoseconds), you can now use the settings for maximum power without risking tissue damage, quickly and safely.

Nanosecond laser technology breaks the pigments into a certain size of particles that are difficult for the body to remove. Picosecond laser technology breaks the pigments into microparticles that the body can more easily get rid of. Fast and safe.

Maxed out laser beam

The laser beam provides superior results on pigmentation and tattoo removal.

Fractional laser beam

Fractional laser beam is intended for scar tissue, wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation.

Intelligent features

Intelligent features include built-in storage for PICOPLUS handpieces and laser safety glasses to exclude damage to them.

Tattoo reduction

Tattoo reduction optimal choice with PicoPlus which is of the latest picosecond technology in the world.

Melasma treatment

Melasma treatment With its versatility, multiple wavelengths and pulse control, PicoPlus safely delivers laser energy below the surface of your skin to break up melasma pigmentation.


PicoPlus treatment areas

  • Tattoo removal: Black tattoos, Amateur tattoos, Professional tattoos, Traumatic tattoos*, Color tattoos.

  • Focus: Skin rejuvenation (cold rejuvenation). Fine wrinkles, pores, scars.

  • Dual Focus Toning 1064 nm: Skin Rejuvenation (Cold Rejuvenation), Wrinkles and Scars.

  • 532 nm: Epidermal pigmented lesions (SK, Lentigines, Café-au-lait, Macules, etc).

  • Pico Toning: Melasma, PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

  • Pigment removal: epidermal lesions (ephelides/freckles/seborne keratosis/body lentigines/Café-au-lait/Nevus spilus).

  • Skin lesions (Nevus of Ota, ABNOM, Becker's Nevus).

  • Gold Toning: post-acne erythema, acne (especially for vascular control), melasma (especially for vascular control), facial redness, sky blue tattoo.

  • RuVY Touch+: Epidermal pigmented lesions, tattoos in green color.

  • 532 nm 660 nm To remove freckles

  • 595 nm To improve early stage erythematotelangiectatic rosacea*.

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