Lemi 4


Lemi 4 is equipped with high-performance and quiet electronics and a convenient standard hand control. Wide mattress customization.


What is Lemi 4?

Lemi 4 Medlase

Lemi 4 is a fully adjustable, electric treatment chair designed to offer optimal working conditions for performing diagnostic examinations, dermatological examinations and long laser treatments with high patient comfort.

High quality Italian treatment beds and chairs.

  • Italian luxury leather material. 4 motors for height, tilt, back/headrest and legrest adjustments.
  • A handy automatic reset button that returns the table to its original position.
  • Wide mattress adjustment.

More high-performance electronics: The Lemi line of chairs has undergone an important upgrade of the electrical system (motors and controls). The electronics in the products are more high-performance, while keeping the products very quiet during movements.

The new HAND CONTROL has a clean, essential and ergonomic design. It has a MEMORY FUNCTION to easily and quickly adjust the chair by simply pressing a button.

The LEMI 4 is the first ever Lemi bed made with 4 electric motors and created out of determination, perfection and passion. Since 1989, it has been Lemi's best-selling bed and is well received by customers all over the world.

Technical specification

  •  Standard hand control with 1 MEMORY FUNCTION
  • AUT function: automatic return to original position (chair)
  • SYNCHRO function: synchronized backrest/legrest movement (with hand control ONLY)
  • Fire retardant class 1IM, "Azo" free, antibacterial, antifungal coating
  • The standard version includes: 4 electric motors (height, back, legs, trendelenburg adjustment), hand control and a flat mattress.
  • Fully encapsulated ABS cover
  • Weight: 66 kg | Dimensions: 190 × 62 × 63/90 cm

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