- Aesthetics

15 years of experience in the aesthetic sector

We follow the latest trends and optimize the best solutions, interested in starting up a clinic, developing your current business or upgrading your systems - contact us. We have helped hundreds of clinics over the past 15 years and we can help you too.

MedLase Nordics AB was established in Sweden in 2022, and our portfolio is designed to cover all aesthetic and dermatological treatments as well as non-invasive plastic surgery procedures for both face and body in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. We offer the latest and most innovative products by importing, distributing and having exclusive partnerships with highly professional manufacturers of medical devices, such as Lutronic, Sofwave and Swift. These products are approved by the MDR regulation for medical devices in Europe as well as by the FDA.

When you choose us at Medlase for the delivery of your aesthetic treatment system, we offer a comprehensive range of services that optimize and secure your business, which is our top priority. We achieve this through our team of dermatologists and medical engineers, all highly trained and certified, with over 15 years of combined experience in the aesthetic industry. Our team contributes its expertise by providing professional theoretical and practical training at the highest level for your skin therapists and dermatologists, to ensure excellence in patient care.

Through our unique marketing strategy, we highlight your business and create added value for your clinics. We focus on engaging and informing potential customers, which not only arouses their curiosity but also drives demand directly to you. Our close interaction with clients and continuous monitoring of business performance is at the heart of our quest to write successful business stories together.

In addition, we offer access to the latest technology in the aesthetic industry, complete with a comprehensive program of technological upgrades, ensuring you are always at the forefront. We set a high standard by providing advanced professional training for skin therapists and dermatologists, which not only raises the level of expertise but also helps to strengthen your position as a leader in your field.

A unique business module

You get a unique business consultation before starting your business. We help you carefully select the technology that fits your clients skin and treatments needed and whats trending on the market.

Staff training

Continuous clinical training from the date of installation, our skin therapists have over 15 years of experience in the aesthetic market that no other provider offers.


Support and maintenance after the installation of the systems, according to clear guidelines.Our average response and service time is 6-7 hours

Specially trained medical engineers

Response time, first time repair and uptime, we are proud to be the only supplier in the Nordics that only performs service activities by specially trained medical engineers.

Marketing support & Digital portal

Marketing support (patient brochure, branding, printed marketing material). Digital portal allowing 24/7 access (e-Learning platform for internal staff training through webinars).